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Comon diagnoses that FlexSensing can help:

  1. Skin disorders
  2. Osteoarthritis and joint disorders
  3. Back problems
  4. Cholesterol problems
  5. Upper respiratory conditions, excluding asthma
  6. Anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder
  7. Chronic neurologic disorders
  8. High blood pressure
  9. Headaches and migraines
  10. Diabetes
laercioLaercio Simoes
laercioLaercio Simoes

Malpractice concerns or just to be safe is the reason for the physicians ask for unneed requests. this cost more than 750 billons / year for the Public Health Care.

FlexSensing cannot solve all problems on this ares, but the small improvement can save millions dollars to Public Health Care System.

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Unneeded Request to Physicians
Unneeded Request to Physicians
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Reason to Request Unneed Test
Reason to Request Unneed Test
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Insttitute of Medicine detected that a pervasive and persistent problem in our health care system is Unnecessary care was estimated by the Institute of Medicine to amount to $750 billion a year, roughly 30 percent of health care spending.

The ABIM Foundation discovered that 53% physician agree to do a unnecessary test and advices against the test with the patient insist that he/she need that test,

This caouse an incrideble waste of money, since some simple decision would cost 900 dollars less to public Health Care

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Team Stream Item
laercioLaercio Simoes

Imagine getting the best treatment and advice on your health. Imagine saving yourself and doctors time and money – all the while keeping or improving the quality of your healthcare.

With flexsensing – we have just the way.

Keep your medical history, diet & activity all in one place. Allow access to your trusted doctors and health insurance company in order to get the coverage, treatment and payment plan that you need.

All you have to do is sign up (in available regions) – select your HMO (health management organization) and preferred hospitals to cross-reference both and make the most use of your coverage.

The flexsensing app has a self-care feature in which you can keep a record of your daily intake of foods, beverages as well as a record of your daily activity - because nothing makes you improve your diet and routine like awareness.

Get access to health recommendations and tips – all curated based on a mix of your medical record, inserted data and age group tendencies.

When it comes to health improvement - a study has shown that those who are most aware of their health metrics tend to do more to take care of themselves. Prevention is a must!

Feeling like you’ve caught something? Flexsensing also has a pre-diagnosis feature in which you can connect with a doctor. If it doesn’t seem too serious – send an e-mail report with your symptons that’ll be answered within 24/48/72 hours.

You can also book an appointment with your doctor or wait until after you’ve received a reply.

If it’s a little more serious, use our live text chat or audio/video chat to seek advice right away.

Select the best option for you according to the hardware you have available.

Gain access to a directory of certified but alternative treatments (that include therapists, nutrcionists, among others as well as traditional medicine).

Also participate in a community of specialists (other victims and non-professionals with experience).

Improve the preciseness of your metrics by hooking up any device found on Microsoft HealthVault to enter data directly.

Worried about privacy? All communications and data transferred between you, HMO’s, doctors and flexsensing is encrypted with the latest technology.

Your best option is Flexsensing as it keeps complete track of medical records and consultations to provide content for audits and evidence for mal praxis.

Avoid long waits at hospitals and visit when you need to – as per instructions of a professional. An estimated 40% of people that visit hospitals can treat the source of their symptoms at home.

Download the app from the App Store or on Google Play.

Smarter and more efficient health.

laercioLaercio Simoes

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