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The Challenge | Dictionary of Earth

Develop a creative way for the public and scientists alike to learn the definitions of Earth-related scientific and technical terms, using the power of crowdsourcing.

Dictionary of Earth

Tool for scientists, which allows to simplify communication and create unified base of scientific terms



‘Cause we know that SCIENCE IS Worth Exploring

Every day scientists all around the world resolve the Earth problems by creating science discoveries. Every new discovery leads to the new words creation. Can you imagine how many words have appeared by this moment? All scientists need to know about them as soon as possible!

The main goal of our project is to ensure communication between scientists. The Internet is the great opportunity to bring people together. Any researcher can add their word, share it with others and create the society of like-minded people indirectly.

We created Earth Dictionary that helps to unify scientists all around the world. We think social interoperation is the best way to improve life on Earth. People that have the great ideas can join to the scientific groups. They can share their dictionaries between themselves and feel yourself happy at the same time!

We were working hard for two days. Yeah, we didn’t finish but we did many cool features!

As you can see, our scientists can do all of the following list:

1) search some words;

2) sort them in alphabetical order;

3) add word;

4) add many words by one click!

5) join groups.

A paper dictionary might be a good solution, but it’s obvious not so good for our century. This dictionary is heavy and there’s not possibility to add new words into it (reprint will kill trees!). To share the words with people from the different country is would be a complex action too.

That’s why we have created Earth Dictionary!

Our Earth Dictionary will be the most popular dictionary in the world! All scientists will use it. The dictionary will contain new scientific terms and people will be able to refer to the particular dictionary. One touch – and all scientists already know about your great discovery! Anybody will be able to subscribe and keep up with the news.

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