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Space Xplorer

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It is a simple Rover which is a result of the compound detection and Measuring the Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Environment detection. And it is successfully able to carry objects and detect colour.

Space Soldier

Database is created for Space Xplore consists of sets of Various Chemical Compounds along their respective color. There is a color sensor connected to the Rover, which is sending the color of the compound to the Server.

And it is also able to take Image of the environment and put it to the for crowd sourcing, pic will be uploaded on to the internet if bot will not be able to understand about what the image is showing, then rover will ask from the people and according to the highest replies it will put data on to the Web-portal.

Rover can be controlled from anywhere on the world using Web server and Internet of things technology.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.