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The Challenge | Dictionary of Earth

Develop a creative way for the public and scientists alike to learn the definitions of Earth-related scientific and technical terms, using the power of crowdsourcing.


Discover complicated things easier


Project TermWorm will allow you to discover specialized data much easier. Regularly, informational sources provide large definitions with lot's of odd information, which is not needed for those, who explore a theme not at professional level. It slows the process of exploring needed information. TermWorm allows you to discover new information in a way much easier and faster, in the same time encouraging authors of scientific articles to spread them among science enthusiasts.


TermWorm was developed for non-scientific people to learn technical terminology, mostly about Earth. It is a term dictionary, which provides you with a definition of a word and gives you a brief list of terms you are required to know for understanding this definition, so you don’t have to look for them separately. According to our research , our service reduces time of understanding a term more than twice, comparing to other sources. Also our tool allows YOU to read different scientific articles with terminology of any level of knowledge even if you are not into the topic of an article. This website will simplify studying process for all students and science enthusiasts.

Who we are?

We are five schoolers from Kiev, who decided to try our abilities at Nasa Space App Challenge 2017. We chose challenge “Dictionary of Earth” because we know what do people like us need and we know how to make it real.



SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.