Earth is Cool!

    The Challenge

    Make a video to tell your story of how “Earth is cool!”


    Earth is hot; Earth is cold. 

    Earth is wet; Earth is dry.  

    Earth is bright; Earth is dark.

    Earth is cool!

    Your challenge is to make a video to tell the world how awesome Earth is!  


    Use your imagination and tell your story of why Earth is special to you.   

    What are your favorite parts about our home planet?  Are they snow-capped mountains or tiny little ladybugs?  Are they coffee beans or cocoa beans?  Are they meandering rivers or towering glaciers?  Are they your neighbors or your friends in other countries?  Whatever makes the blue planet special to you, we want to hear about it!!

    You can share a poem or a song, a dance or a presentation!  You can even make a welcome video for someone who just arrived on our planet!  The sky’s the limit! Well… not really!

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