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The Challenge | Earth is Cool!

Make a video to tell your story of how “Earth is cool!”

Earth, you're so kind

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A short video giving reasons of how I feel Earth is cool and amazing.


I thought about why I think Earth is amazing and put it on paper. I then searched for videos that would best describe what I was trying to say. I used my laptop's voice recorder to record the audio and Kdenlive to combine the audio and video. Here is to our project video.

Here is the script to the video:

"Earth, home to millions of species for thousands of years. Her habitants live on the water... and fly in the sky. One would wonder how such perfect conditions for living came about. An example would be the distance from the Sun.If the earth were moved a few million miles closer to the sun, the surface of the earth would become warmer causing our glaciers to melt. which would result in a rise in sea levels and flood most coastal parts of the world. If Earth was to be a couple millions miles away from the sun, the amount of energy we receive from the Sun would reduce and we would have colder temperatures or even an Ice-Age(show video of Ice-Age character).

Another example would be the amount of gravity the Earth has and how it suits us perfectly. Too much gravity and we wouldnt be able to even stand, too little and we would lose our atmosphere. The one that keeps us alive with the air that we breathe . With one look at mother-nature, you can tell that something in the past triggered all of this. And that it has been there way before we existed. Here is why I think Earth is cool. Well, Earth is cool because it can be so many things at the same time. It can be cold in region and hot in another. rainy in one part of the world and snowy in the other. Earth can get angry(show thunder) sometimes. But we always trust that she will treat us kindly in the future.

Despite the harm we have caused to planet Earth over the years, She still finds a way to correct herself. Earth is able to soak up some the carbon dioxide gas we produce in her oceans. It absorbs about one-quarter of the CO2 that we humans create when we burn fossil fuels.

Earth is tough. She has keeps supporting so many different creatures. She is one of a kind in our solar system and universe. Earth, you're so kind."


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