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The Challenge | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Create crew-friendly designs for a habitat and/or its multi-use furniture, to be used for isolation studies on Earth that are researching the environmental and human dimensions of life on another planet.


The fusion between three of our three main goals on this project. Ecological, Friendly and Dome


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From the outside to inside. Our Ecofridome is based on a dome shell figure consisting on compressed materials from the Martian ground (composed from the soil, metals, and other materials found on Martian ground). In a great way, this will reduce the visual and physical impact into the Mars' Environment.


Because it will use materials found on the martian ground it will be as friendly to the martian environment as it will be to the crew mates who will live in it. We have created a space where design, architecture and engineering play a very important role.

Our project is about a complex, but effective habitat where co-living will be a very fun experience and resources will be maximized without neglecting the innovation and small details which will make the difference.

One of the most influential people in the history of innovation was Steve Jobs, and from him we learned that design is not just what it looks like and feels like, but how it works.

Let's begin the journey entering to the Ecofridome through the Airlock, we take our helmets off, here the air it is safe to our organisms, a small but very useful space to access where the magic begins, the first floor of our habitat.

Here we find the kitchen, which combines comfort and design, equipped with the latest multi-functional technologies, just like every level of our dome. Just on the other side of the hall, there is the Common area, where the crew mates will be able to spend time feeling just like in home, and by the other side of the wall, there will our Laboratory where our crew mate will be able to do research, experiment with microscopical things and organisms found in the diverse environment of Mars.

The surroundings will be composed of our special environments that we have created, such as a gym, a dining room and a space to entertain.

In the center of the first floor, you will find a tube of vertical and circular form, which will allow access to the second floor.

Going up the main tube of the room, we find the second floor which will contain the bedrooms located in hexagonal form as studies show that it is more efficient and can be better adapted to our design. Bathrooms with the bestest and latest in technology in energy and water consumption. Finally, in the 2nd Floor, there is the Clinical Station, where crew mates will dispose of computers and cabinets that are highly and especially designed with the main purpose of archiving and introducing most of the data and information recollected while they stay in, in the Ecofridome.

The furniture designed in our habitat consists of modules that when coupled together will form a rectangular shape so that it can be used as a table for studying or eating, as well as as a ping-pong table or pool table . When removing the upper modules, this will enable its use as a sofa for the living room and in turn has compartments to store various items.


More than its physical figure in which it has been designed and constructed, behind its "Domed" shell figure, there is more than just an structure destined to our crew mates: Here will be the creating our TOMORROW.

ECOFRIDOME - It is the next generation in space optimization and minimization in energy consumption in Earth and Mars' planets.

It does count with 1200 square-foot space distributed in order to serve to many roles:

1st Floor consists in:

  • A kitchen (for cooking meals, store food).
  • A common area for eating, exercising, and socializing!
  • A laboratory room for crew mates to conduct personal research, providing isolation between lab materials (e.g. microbes) and regular crew activity.

2nd Floor consists in:

  • 6x Personal bedrooms
  • 2x Bathrooms
  • A clinical station to collect data on each of the crew mates.

Possible materials resources for dome structure




Entertainment / Design / Personal Research

Our multi-use furniture design would be able to transform for fun like a pool table, bowling and more! depending Mars gravity and studied games effects for that conditions.

We think that creativity will be plays an important role for socializing, so we develop a table called 'Daily Shifts' were crewmates can follow their assigned shifts & personal research. For that we create a six column table with different colors and corresponding names.

This colors will be the 'personal identification' for all activities, also rooms will have each one.

Fun & Multi-players games!

On the Dot

The Game Of Things



Next, we will explain each one of our prototypes that could be used for the mission:

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