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Create crew-friendly designs for a habitat and/or its multi-use furniture, to be used for isolation studies on Earth that are researching the environmental and human dimensions of life on another planet.


PiezoSpace aims at utilising piezoelectricity to create appropriate conditions to store materials and samples in containers having variable and adjustable volume.



SPACE and ENERGY - two quantities whose use must be properly optimised. Space is an environment where there is only limited volume and unknown energy supply. The crew will be working throughout their missions, on a planet like Mars, with volume constraints. This project was created in this regard, with its main aim being the optimisation of storage of personal and collected articles.

GENESIS - Creation - in Hindu mythology - represented by God Brahma.

This is a design - no resources except the human capability to think was utilised.

I am Aswath Suryanarayanan, age 14, studying in grade 10, with an immense interest in space.

About the Project:

PiezoSpace aims at utilising piezoelectricity to create appropriate conditions in material and object storage containers - having variable and adaptable storage space.

Piezoelectricity is electricity obtained from the application of mechanical stress - which can be produced while exercising, running or even while walking. Since there will be continuous work in the habs, it is PIEZOELECTRICITY that can be harvested most efficiently.

Crew members will be

1) On continuous missions, collecting samples

2) Storing objects required for conducting research within the habs under appropriate conditions

3) Storing personal items

All within a reduced volume and with a high energy efficiency. After all, the a common source of electricity cannot be used for all requirements at the same time - will always need a contingency!

PiezoSpace uses piezoelectricity to provide the energy required for storing the materials (and developing them - like plants and POTATOES) under appropriate conditions.


- Volume can be modified
But HOW???

Changes to the sides and the cap of the container. Instead of containers having evenly flat or curved surfaces, PiezoSpace proposes a container design consisting of > 50 curved/flat separate cuboidal structures. These structures, though connected together (parallel to the centre of axis) and tensile, can be moved perpendicular to the centre of axis of the container (pushed a bit into the container or pulled a bit out of the container). This changes the volume of the container. This can also help include minute other fitments - say, a light to be projected on all the plants in the storage container. Thus PiezoSpace is a novel and innovative solution towards reducing the volume occupied and energy consumed during storage.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.