SPACE4WOMEN | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Samsun, Turkey

Team Updates

We participated in the Space Apps Challenge contest, which was prepared by NASA, in Samsun with our team consisting of four people this year and we are second. Our team name is Space4Women and our chosen challenge is '' Small Spaces Big Ideas ''. In this category, a narrow area of 111 square meters required from us was designing an area where vital activities were carried out, various activities were carried out and scientific research was carried out. When designing this area, we paid attention to energy conversion (minimum energy loss), the use of multifunctional tools and equipments as well as lightweight and sophisticated materials. Our mediator consisted of six separate parts, one main - five auxiliary capsules. Auxiliary capsules are a major cover of vital activities and scientific studies, made up of main capsule plants and surrounded by a solar panel. Our difference from the projects in the same category was that our vehicle was harmonious with distance. When we were concentrating on this, we thought of throwing our vehicle through the rocket, then turning it around its own axis quickly, and creating gravity by the centrifugal force to be generated. We believe that we have designed a very creative and logical project for both space research and space travel in advanced technology.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.