The Pioneers Of Mars | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!


The Challenge | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Create crew-friendly designs for a habitat and/or its multi-use furniture, to be used for isolation studies on Earth that are researching the environmental and human dimensions of life on another planet.

Our footprint on Mars

Our Idea depends on getting a suitable residential unit that suits the bad circumstances on Mars, so we designed a dome that rotation to be a spaceship itself.

The Pioneers Of Mars

Project page

The name of the challenge gives us a clear idea about what we are doing which is small spaces-big ideas. At the last two days we tried our best to search and collect information as much as possible about Residential unit. and design a creative small space from inside to outside.

Our aims in this project:

  • To design a well small space which have the ability to stand still in a very bad circumstance like being in Mars.
  • To use every single foot in a useful function from the space of the unit that we designed.
  • To put a creative furniture which we can use in more than one function.

Through our work in this project we faced many challenges, one of the most challenges that we faced is the small limit space for the residential unit and how to transfer it from Earth to Mars, so to solve these problems we decided to design a changeable unit, but the design itself was a big challenge to us, so we think of it step by step and introduced more than one design, until we reached the suitable one.

We discussed the suitable frame for such a building and come up with a decision to make it a dome for several reasons:

  • Its shape helps to increase the resistant to the circumstances in such an environmental like sand storms.
  • We can use the surface of the dome by putting the Soler cells on it which produce the power for everything.
  • The shape also helps on collecting the rays which will transfer into power by Solar cells.
  • The dome keeps the temperature in the suitable range.
  • We were able to use every single foot on the right way.

The rotation move for the dome:

We design this unit to move in rotation direction in order to:

  • transfer it from Earth to Mars easily without any other spacecraft
  • make the space as it required and as useful as it possible.
  • This move will help us to establish the unit on Mars easily without any Roberts.

At the end, we can’t make a PERFECT project in just a few hours, but we can for sure develop it any time.

So, these are the developing areas:

  • Use the Nano technology in the structure of the building and in spatial suits for astronaut to protect them and use the energy that they consume to power some devices.
  • Use the hydraulic press in some structure.
  • Make some windows and use the light in a good way.

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