Titanes Tecnológicos | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Albacete, Castilla-La Mancha

The Challenge | Small Spaces, Big Ideas!

Create crew-friendly designs for a habitat and/or its multi-use furniture, to be used for isolation studies on Earth that are researching the environmental and human dimensions of life on another planet.

Sweet Red Home

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Sweet Red Home is an attempt of optimizing the available space in a hab. See https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ioci8wcurubgex9/AAA6X-XGjIzNQDQtZhH5AhWIa?dl=0

Titanes Tecnológicos

We decided to make the project "Small spaces, big ideas!" because it seemed the best option taking into account our level, as we're in 2nd of Bachillerato. We decided to face this challenge to come up with a solution that helps the hab to have a room distribution which allows the crew that is inside have good relationships in a nice where they can have fun and improve the cooperation, while they relax and have free spaces to think or do exercise, which are very important aspects in the life in the hab.

In the beginning, we used the resources we were provided by the challenges' web page. We studied the actual distribution the hab has. That information served us to know an aproximation of the measures that they used for each room and when we knew this we started thinking and elaborating a new distribution. We also watched videos that show how life is in the hab and taking that into account we also elaborated the distribution we thought fit. We also used tools that allowed us to work in 3D such as: SketchUp and other things such as AutoCad. We had to face some problems, mainly due to our lack of knowledge as we weren't too well-informed in the topic. To solve them we conducted deep researches, we used the organizers' help and put a lot of attitude into it.

Thanks to all these factors we could go on with the project and present our solution to the challenge. We also designed furniture and the inside of the rooms so they would save space while they allow a good relationshop among the crew.

Eventually, we have presented our project, the plans, their designs in 3 dimensions, etc. We have done it with the help of the five of the members of our team, and the five of us are very happy of having participated in Space Apps Challenge 2017 and of having helped in some little way to improve the quality of life of the people who live in the hab.


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