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The Challenge | Trace Invaders

Develop a tool to trace invasive species in your neighborhood over time!

Gecko Invadres

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Provide tools with which it is possible to monitor and detect invasive species easily, with constant updating. It must be intuitive and easy to use. Two platforms are proposed, one plataforms web and other mobile.

Equipo TerraNoble

The documentation and presentation, was designed and developed in with the tools of Microsoft Office (Word and PowerPoint) along with Google Drive, for the work in real time, later the documents were saved in PDF format in a folder of Google Drive.

The organizational tools we used during the challenge were:
- Trelo
- Slack

For the design were used:
- Adobe Illustrator cc 2017
- Baldamig mockups

Development tools:

- XAMPP Stack:
- Apache Server
- PHP 5.6

Developed with Laravel 5.3 Framework and common libraries like Bootstrap, jQuery, DataTables, Gmaps, etc.

Project Gecko Invader repository (in development)





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