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The Challenge | Water, Water, Everywhere!

Develop a tool that provides emergency management personnel with an up-to-date flood-risk map for an area of interest.

Save Water Save Life

The project eventualy reduce the amount of polution in sea, rivers, oceans

Team Englitas

This is a project which reduce the amount of polution in water.
The project has a master ship which is full of servent bots who will collect wastage from water by suction. They will have a storage tank fowr wastages. All the servent bots("SB" in short) are synchronizerd with each other and centrally controlled by master station. The master station will automatically collect data from NASA data portal about the location of most polluted area in sea or ocean or river. The Master ship will calculate the shortest way to go there. After reaching the spot the master ship will camp there. After camping there it will deploy its servent bots(SB). The SBs will combinedly cover up a radius and take out all the wastages. The SBs will store the wastages in theis storage tank. After filling up the SBs willl return to theis base. At the base the SBs will unload the plastic wastages. The master ship has a unit of wastage management. In this unit the master ship will process the plastic materials by melting and turn them into plastics blocks.The whole system is powered by SOLAR POWER. As we know the sun is most powerfull over the sea, we will get the most power from the sun indeed.

1. Automization
3.Self Powerd
4.Wastage Management Unit
5.Servent Bots


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