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The Challenge | Where's the Water?

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings.


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WatLo (Water Location) is an Android Application that allows the user to find water resources around the world, includes Ground water, news and tips to protect this vital liquid.

LowLight Studios

Using data from U.S. Geological Survey, NASA.GOV, Google Maps API and other sources. WatLo (Water Location) allows users to find water resources around the world, see latest news about the water and learn tips about how to protect this important resource.

The application provides a radio circunference around a specific point to get available Ground water and surface water within the selected area. Also the application displays interactive cards with news and information about the water.

Users are able to find their current location and water resources nearby.

Water is a precious resource and we need to know how and why to protect it.


License: MIT license (MIT)

Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/damato3/Watlo


USGS Water Data for the Nation API - https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/gw
Water information - https://conserve2enhance.org/know-your-water
NASA Water News and API - https://www.nasa.gov/subject/3135/water

Clean Water Action http://www.cleanwateraction.org/files/publications...


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