Neptune | Where's the Water?


The Challenge | Where's the Water?

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings.

BLUE Sources

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BLUE Sources is an app aimed at helping farmers, land owners, and land managers find their nearby water sources and estimate the costs of tapping into them.


Problem: There is a need to identify the water resources on a defined geographical landscape.

Requirements: Explain and visualize the groundwater distribution.

Solution: BLUE Sources App as a tool for displaying the nearest groundwater reserves and estimating the costs of tapping into them.


Google Maps for distances and landscapes.

Web App with Front and Back End.

The major challenge faced by the team was to find the suitable data to integrate in our application. After we understood what information on Groundwater was to be found on Nasa Website, the Application could be built.

We could not receive a domain access to make our application online. A use demonstration can be performed on site.


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.