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The Challenge | Where's the Water?

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings.


Our platforms aims to aid farmers globally with water management and precision agriculture services. It covers water related areas of risk management, such as floods, droughts and also provides advanced results concerning humidity and evapotranspiration.


An integrated water – management service for hazard risk management and precision farming.

Team Poseidon:

Alexandros Antonoglou
Alexandros Voukenas
Alexandros Kazantzidis
Christos Danelatos
Iordanis Tentsoglidis

Locating groundwater or surface water bodies is not of much use, if not combined with other water resources – related data and information. Farmers, which make up 40% of the global workforce, are a group that could greately benefit from an integrated water management service which would be easy to use.

It is possible to find groundwater masses by performing gravimetry methods using GRACE data, or by combining remote sensing variables and geological maps with GIS (Bakri et. al., 2013). Those information can be very useful, especially for irrigation projects, but we wish to take it one step further. Floods and droughts are natural hazards associated with an area’s water bodies, as well as the rainfall. Various models have been proposed that utilize all these data to predict such hazards (Ajin et. al., 2013; Hundera et. al., 2016). With satellite imagery, vegetation moisture and vegetation health can be measured easily. Furthermore, rainfall and other meteorological information are very important for agriculture, as is the knowledge of precise amount of watering needed for farming. Evapotranspiration can be calculated with a combination of satellite and meteorological data. Therefore, information for precision farming can easily be embeded into such a service.

Our vision is to create such an integrated web service for all issues concerning water management and farming that can be friendly for anyone to use. We aim to make all farmers literate on precise water management and farming techniques with one single service.


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