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The Challenge | Where's the Water?

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings.


clear water - safe planet


Many people around the world are struggling with polluted water. Tap water is not always available, and even if it is, almost always unsuitable for drinking.
We’d like to help them find reliable water sources. Providing the means with low-cost, easy-to-fabricate sensors, open-data, and existing govermental data.

Introducing: Whata.

We set out our goals to:

  • Build a cheap, modular sensor system to measure different qualities of water sources (such as pH, TDS, Conductivity, …)
  • Build a crowdsourcing network to report water quality using your smartphone
  • Combine as many sources about water quality as we can find with the croudsourced measurments, and identify deviations from usual measurment results using anomaly detection algorithms
  • Provide a machine learning model capable of classifying possible reasons for the pollutions based on the raw sensor measurements.
  • Publish our results on an interactive map with our judgment about the water source and possible reasons for pollution.
  • Track the changes of water quality over time, which will increase our classification accuracy over time and provide insights about where pollution is affecting our environment the most.

With Whata, we hope change 2 things:

  • increase awareness of water pollution, which is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge each day
  • Reduce sickness or even death caused by lacking knowledge about the quality of water sources

Whata - save the planet, classify water.



  • NodeMCU ESP8266
  • PH value
  • TDS, conductivity
  • visual transmissivity



More information about our project on GitHub or on our website.


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