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Morelia, Michoacán

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The Challenge | Where's the Water?

Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualize water resources in their surroundings.

Water Guardians

Water Guardians is a platform that helps Farmers and Interest Groups obtain information about the water around them, Subterranea, Superficial and the climate.

Where is the water Morelia


1. Problem

Agricultural producers do not have the actual information on climate change and water availability during the year to carry out their activities, nor do they know when the resource will end and the government does not inform them of the water that is available near them.

2. Discovery

During the last 30 years the planet's climate calendar has changed dramatically, so that farmers have lost their knowledge of climate and water availability during the year, which has forced them to exploit resources more Water from surface water, and from the underground mantles, causing overexploitation and, at the moment, water shortage, as well as complications for the administration of the resource. That is why there have been considerable losses of agricultural sectors in the country and damage to overexploited agricultural resources.

3. Idea

Our proposal is to create a platform that provides information on the surface and groundwater resources of the region, as well as on climate predictions and reports of rain storms. Generation of forecasts and notifications for farmers and agricultural sectors to create strategies based on their region, for the implementation of plans and strategies for water management during the season.

4. Execution

Creation of regional advertising campaigns for the dissemination of the platform and the consumption of information, through social support programs through the three levels of government, civil associations and farmers' associations, as well as social diffusion, through radio and television. Dissemination and training of the agricultural sectors for the consumption of information, one year before starting to implement the project.

5. Result

Farmers and the government will have real knowledge of the underground, surface and climatic water resources of their region in a condensed way for their knowledge of the agricultural region.

6. Links

Demo - https://water-guardians.github.io/app.html

Team Video - https://www.facebook.com/GiuliBugarini/videos/7715...

Official Web Page - https://water-guardians.github.io/

Project Web Application Demo - https://github.com/water-guardians/water-guardians...

NASA Space APP Challenge 2017 - https://2017.spaceappschallenge.org/

Casa del Emprendedor Morelia - https://www.facebook.com/CEPJM/

Logo Vector Author - http://www.freepik.es/vector-gratis/logotipo-de-la...


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