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Awards & Nominations

✯ⓈⓅⒶⒸⒺ-ⓂⓄⓃⓀⒺⓎⓈ✯™ has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Global Nominee

The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Wild-fire Detector

App developed to send a alert to the user if he is in a fire warning area, showing the option to call 911, and giving him a suggestion of scape route


The theme chosen:

-As we analyse a wide range of proposals offered, we noticed this one in particular that really caught our attention because we had the chance to study the wild-fire situations all around the world and see how devastating it really is, by burning people properties, plantations, etc...


-We build a app that take the device location and compares it to a serie of maps available at nasa's data base that show areas that have severe heat anomaly, and if the user is close to a risk area (within a 1km radius) an alert will be sent to him through the app display, a option to call 911 if the situation is critic and a scape route will be suggested.

Challenges faced in the app construction :

-The biggest challenged faced was to balance the elements of the project like, time, skills needed, goals not clear enough and the use of the right tool, all this to create a app that reunite the best effort off all the group members


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