LatinSpaceApp | When Landslides Strike

Panama City

Awards & Nominations

LatinSpaceApp has received the following awards and nominations. Way to go!

Local Peoples' Choice Winner

The Challenge | When Landslides Strike

Design an easy-to-use tool to allow the public to discover and understand landslide data, and to contribute their own observations for use by emergency managers.

Monitoring LandSlide System

Gives people information about the Landslide and the posibility that a Landslide occurs in an specific zone


Challenge: Landslide Strike

create an easy-to-use platform where users could get information about landslide taking information from the NASA sources. Also, compare the information from the NASA precipitation to accesss to the precipitation system that give us the latitude and longitude and showing them in a map that can detect the users location using the GPS Technology.

How did we build it?

We the Framework MeteorJS that is a Full-stack Framework used to develop hybrid applications in that way would be mor user friendly and you can access from everywhere.

We developed a form there people can send reports or alerts and it will display automatically on the screen and all the landslides strikes will be showing in real time.

We also created a learning section where people can go and learn what to do in case of that kind of emergency.

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