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Ciudad Obregón, Sonora.

The Challenge | Space Jockey

Build a tool that allows a user to virtually experience riding on any one of NASA’s current Earth observing satellites and allow for co-localization of data from various instruments.

Satellite Snap

An interactive experience which simulates satellite collocation in a playful manner.

Mapaches del espacio

The task of collocating different satellite beams in order to combine their data is quite challenging and requires specialized knowledge. Nevertheless, we have aimed to create a playful experience based on this premise so as to simplify the underlying process of satellite collocation and make it more understandable to people who may not have any background on astrophysics. In essence, we have created a simulation of the interior of a cockpit on the ISS by using the Unity game engine. In this cockpit, an astronaut (i.e. the user) has to handle three satellites (i.e. Aqua, Terra, and CALIPSO), modelled with the Blender and Maya computer graphics software, and focus their beams in a particular point on the earth's surface, with his or her hands, by using a Leap Motion sensor. Finally, when the beams are merged together, a "snap" of a particular point of the Earth is captured.


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