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Space Apps Dhahran was held on April 29th & 30th. Thank you to the 66 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The local results, including the work of 6 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Dhahran!

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Space Apps Saudi

Space Apps Dhahran for the First Time!

Saudi Space Apps Challenge is a part of NASA International Space Apps Challenge which is a two-day hackathon, where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges.

The event embraces collaborative problem solving with a goal of producing relevant open-source solutions to advance space exploration missions and improve life on earth.


Space Apps Dhahran is the local hackathon held in Saudi Arabia that participates in the International Space Apps Challenge. It will be held for the first time in the Kingdom!


Space Apps Dhahran is organized by GEEkS Valley and supported by King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) - Strategic Partener.


There will be a Pre-Event Information Night on Thursday 27 April at the Innovation Cluster Building Auditorium, Dhahran Techno Valley (DTV). “Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/S9BXWgq6u4R2


And on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 April at the same venue, the NASA Space Apps 2017 'Hackathon' Challenge will take place simultaneously in different cities within Saudi Arabia and around the world. That’s two days of space coding, design, problem solving, pondering and general hacking with a great community of enthusiasts. The top two of best projects will be nominated to global judging by NASA!


Registration in Space Apps Dhahran is exclusive for male only.

We look forward to seeing you at #SpaceAppsSaudi & #SpaceAppsDhahran


Additional Info:

Participation in both events is free.

Snacks and Wi-Fi will be provided.

Bring extra snacks, as well as your laptop, other electronics, props etc. if you think you'll need them.

For more information, please visit Saudi Space Apps website: Saudi Space Apps - http://spaceappssaudi.com/en/


Thursday, April 27th
  1. Registration

  2. Explaining The Competition Rules

  3. Forming the Teams

Friday, April 28th
  1. Competition Starting

  2. End of the First day

Saturday, April 29th
  1. Continue the Competition- Day 2

  2. Judging

  3. Announcing Winners


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.