Space Apps Ibadan was held on April 29th & 30th. Thank you to the 13 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The work of 1 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Ibadan!

Wennovation Hub hosts the NASA Space Apps challenge for the first time in Ibadan this year - 2017.

Space Apps inspires local innovation communities in cities across six continents to convene, ideate and build. Diverse and collaborative teams of technologists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and others work together in a 48-hour sprint to develop answers to some of the most pressing challenges facing planet Earth using NASA data.

We are inviting designers, programmers, ideators, students, and earth science enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey as we explore a wide range of solutions we could proffer to our planet's most pressing challenges.


Saturday, April 29th
  1. Registration and Space Coffee

  2. Hackathon Begins

  3. Lunch Break

  4. Progress Review, Q&A, Mentoring

  5. Hackathon Day #1 Ends

Sunday, April 30th
  1. Hackathon Day 2 Begins

  2. Lunch Break

  3. Progress Review, Q&A, Mentoring

  4. Hackathon Day 2 Ends

  5. Pitches & Presentation of Awards


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.