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Global Nominee

The Challenge | Water, Water, Everywhere!

Develop a tool that provides emergency management personnel with an up-to-date flood-risk map for an area of interest.


A simple, user-friendly tool that allows users and flood emergency personnel to access flood and storm information from around the world.


Floodlight is a web application designed to supply real-time information for flood events around the world.

Our aim is to provide location details that can assist in preventative measures and disaster relief for areas at risk of flooding and areas currently flooded, in order to mitigate the damage caused by flood events.

In addition to up to date geolocation data services, the possibilities for Floodlight are endless. Currently, more features in concept phase include crowdsourcing data from flood-affected regions to help emergency personnel identify blocked roads, depth flooding, fallen power lines and trees, damaged infrastructure and debris, and more, all at the localised ground level.

By utilising historical flood records from databases such as the Darthmouth Flood Observatory, machine deep learning can be used to train neural nets with the ability to quantify flood risk magnitudes in any region based on weather readings and storm forecasts. Such a feature would equip emergency personnel and local residents with the information required to conduct effective planning and preparation for optimal disaster mitigation.

Developed as part of NASA Space Apps 2017 open source data initiative.

data sources:

- NASA Earth Observatory Natural Event Tracker (EONET)

- GeoNames Geographical database web services

- Google Maps API version 3

- OpenLayers 4.1.0


Bootstrap CSS


Github repo (compressed archive): https://github.com/mdeangelisGIT/spaceapps2017.git


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.