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The Challenge | And YOU can Help Fight Fires!

Build a fire-monitoring and crowdsourcing tool that will allow local fire managers to respond to wildfires.

Time Plus

Time Plus is a unique combo app, having 2 brilliant features of gaming and security against wild fire and other vulnerable situations. It will provide a robotic prototype, named "Robofriend", made by our team that will act against wildfire & collect data.


Project Contents

Time Plus is a combo application including hardware and software components. It has been designed to help a person utilizing leisure by learning about space through gaming and to assist mankind to survive against calamities including wildfire.

  • Software: We have built an Android ( & IOS) App including two features: Gaming and security against wildfire and other vulnerable situation.
  • Hardware: Robotic Prototype "Robo1804" with fire-fighting features.


Project Background:

According to our research conducted in Dhaka Area, 78% smartphone users install games. On the other hand, only 0.8% users install awareness related apps i.e. apps working against wildfire, land slide, etc. So what is the necessity of arranging a hackathon to make such apps that are ignored by the greater mass of the population? We have a solution. Our team "Atto-Unmesh" is now introducing the first ever combo app - "TIME PLUS". This will not only let you utilize your free time through learning about space but also sometimes save your life. Another positive side is that, it copes up with the challenge "AND YOU CAN HELP FIGHT FIRES" perfectly.

Project Details:

Gaming Section:

Suppose, you are stuck in a traffic jam or you have plenty of time but nothing to do. What will you do to utilize your time? How about we provide you a game, that brings the whole space into your mobile screen in the form of a game? We have made this possible.

If you tap on the "New Game" button, you will enter the game section. Here an awesome interface is waiting for you with the sky that you see every night. We have designed ten phases with respect to ten closest star-systems. If you select any of them, you'll be notified with the whole description of that star-system. One has to move through the virtual sky to find the next phase, just like researchers do. Space learning does not stop here.

Now, after selecting a particular star in game, let us start gaming by pressing the 'Play' button. Then you'll be guided into the main game interface that has been designed on the basis of the history of space from the ancient period to 21st century. It's a puzzle game inspired by a previous ios game - "Threes", but here the circumstances and level-up systems are quite different. If the player matches two blocks of the same level, they will merge to a new block of next level. The maximum level reached in the game window will be defined as the level-time. As you reach new level-time in the game, space history (130 BC ~ 1900 AD) will upgrade as well.

Security SECTION:

Now the main part - 'Security Section'. There are three major features:

  1. Informs authority about wildfire or other calamities through crowd sourcing
  2. Informs users about the ways of self protection during disasters
  3. Controls special robotic prototype 'ROBO1804'

Security Section can be accessed by clicking the button 'It's You' from main menu. Here a user friendly interface with several user buttons is waiting for you. They are -

  1. Person: It is dedicated to notify the authorities about wild fire and other natural disasters. If you see a fire breakout or simply a wild fire, just press it. It'll inform the authorities including Police, Fire Brigade and higher authority (i.e. Govt., NASA, Other users, etc) about the incident. This will help the authority to act quickly. It will also help higher authority to improve earth data.
  2. Others: If you need help from a particular civil authority, then choose from following options:
    1. Police
    2. Fire Brigade
    3. Blood
    4. Ambulance
  3. Alarm: It will inform three of your closest ones about your danger.
  4. Self Protection: When the rescue team is far away to reach you and you need to know about surviving yourself, this option will work like a miracle. You can find ways to survive, inspiration, etc here.
  5. Robofriend: It will turn your smartphone into an inbuilt movement control-device of our robotic prototype "ROBO1804".
  • This is the hardware part of our project. It has manual movement control but can automatically search fire, detect temperature and spray water on it.
  • Cloud sourcing can be added to make interaction with the NASA Earth Data to utilize the data and improve it.

Future Projected Works:

  • Conversion of app from Cordova to IONIC platform
  • Full Automation of ROBO1804


  • Utilizes user's free time.
  • Inspires young generation about space.
  • Acts against disasters for the betterment of mankind.
  • Helps to survive in vulnerable conditions.
  • We hope that, after full automation, Robo1804 will soon decrease the pressure and over dependence on orbital satellites and will act as an inland data collector for NASA.

Project Video:


  • For Software (App):
    1. Android Studio,
    2. Xcode,
    3. Cordova Phonegap,
    4. Apache Ant,
    5. HTML & CSS,
    6. Javascript & Jquery,
    7. NodeJS,etc.
  • For Hardware (Robotic Prototype):
    1. Arduino uno,
    2. Lithium Poly-mar Battery,
    3. DC and Servo Motors,
    4. Bluetooth Module,
    5. Temperature Sensors,
    6. Smoke Sensors, etc.
  • For Pre-Project Data Collection:


1. Md. Asif Imrul: Programmer

2. Maria Rafique: Environmental Engineering Student

3. Animesh Mitra: Mechatronics Engineering Student

4. Diger Md. Cowsick: Social Worker and Data Analyst


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.