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asifimrul1996Md. Asif Imrul

Project completed... :D

asifimrul1996Md. Asif Imrul


Android Cordova app using HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, Jquery,etc. for software.

Arduino, lithium polymar battery, DC and servo motors, Bluetooth module, temperature sensors and smoke sensors for hardware.

asifimrul1996Md. Asif Imrul

According to our research conducted in Dhaka Area, 78% smartphone users install games, on the other hand only 0.8% users install awareness related app tool like app working against wild fire, land slide, etc. So why only to arrange hack-athon to make such app that is ignored by mass population? We have solution. So our team "Atto-Unmesh" introducing first ever Combo app "Time Plus". Which will not only save your time but also save your lives sometimes. And the best part is that it cope with the sub category "And you can help fight Fires" perfectly.

Suppose, you are stucking in a traffic jam, or you have plenty of times but nothing to do. What can you do to utilize your time? How about if we provide you a game that bring the whole space to your mobile screen just as a version of game? We have made this possible.

If you enter the "New Game" section by clicking it, the game section is on. We have decorated every phases by the names of ten closest star-systems. If you select any of them, you'll be notified will whole description of that star system. Now let's start gaming pressing the 'Play' button. If so, you'll be directed the the main game that has been designed with the history of space from ancient time to 21st Century. As per you improve levels in game, your space history will be improved as well.

Now the main part, Security section, can be accessed by clicking button 'It's You' from main menu. There are three major features:-

1. Informs Authority About Danger:

(a) Person button: If you saw a wild fire, just press it. It'll inform the authority about the incident.

(b) Other buttons like Police, Fire Brigade: For other security needs.

2. Informs The Way of Self Protection:

(a) Self Protection button: Inform you the ways to survive on your own during vulnerable situations.


(a) It's our own robotic prototype - the hardware part of our project. That's now manual in movement control but automatically searches fire and sprays on it.

(b) Soon will be improved to full automation using artificial intelligence.

(c) Cloud sourcing will be added to make interaction to NASA Earth Data to utilize it and improve the data.

(d) Hope, that prototype will soon decrease the pressure and over dependence on satellites and will act as inland data collector for NASA

Future Works:

1. Now working on Cordova

2. Planning to switch to IONIC

asifimrul1996Md. Asif Imrul

SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.