Cape Town

South Africa

Space Apps Cape Town was held on April 29th & 30th. Thank you to the 17 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The work of 4 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Cape Town!

Space Apps Challenge - Cape Town, mLab

Space Apps Challenge 2016 Participants Cape Town

2017 marks the 6th Annual Space Apps Challenge, mLab Southern Africa has been the proud host of this  event since 2013 when it was just at 60 global locations, now the challenge has grown to more than 160 cities from around the world with mLab adding new locations in Cape Town. The number of participants expected in this year's event is 40.

Space Apps Stickers

mLab, is also extending the invitation to high-schools in order to  expose the learners to the fun side of Science, Engineering and Technology in practice as well as for them to actively experience the application of their mainstream learning, we believe innovation can come from anywhere and are always looking for opportunities to work with young, motivated and exceptional individuals in innovating locally relevant solutions.

Registration Day

Why collaborate? What is the value to you and your organization? 

● Support and connect with a diverse and dynamic local community of innovators. 

● Understand and learn from the untapped, unexpected, uncharted expertise in bringing people  together from different backgrounds to collectively solve tough challenges. 

● Rethink and remix what is known with what isn't. 

● Create a pipeline for introducing and implementing new or recombinant ideas.  

● Create something new from scratch and get help from mentors and improve.


2016 Space Apps Winners Cape Town

Benefits and exposure for your organization/School:

• Get introduced to a group of dedicated and innovative teams with great innovative ideas. 

• Highlight your company contributions in press releases as well as our social media accounts. 

• Raise awareness and build your brand recognition by distributing marketing materials to attendees who 

represent organizations in Science, Engineering and Education

• Increase Science, Technology, Engineering, and Innovation by developing intellectual skills in both 

participants and event organizers. 

• Invest in South Africa's future scientists and engineers by demonstrating support to local tech communities

• Spread your values, and associate your brand with Science and Innovation Leadership, by addressing 

the attendees at the closing ceremony.

• Ongoing collaboration with mLab for future activities.

Find out more about this years challenges in the Challenges tab above.

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Saturday, May 6th
  1. Roll call for Registered Participants

  2. Welcome

  3. Team Setup

  4. Ideation and Challenge selection

  5. Parallel Tracks [Intro to WebApps & Robotics]

  6. Teams Present themselves

  7. Time to fuel up, (Lunch Time!)

  8. Sponsor Demo

  9. Teams continue solving chosen challenge

  10. Time to Refuel (Supper Time!)

  11. Teams continue solving chosen challenge

  12. Participants free to go home

  13. Hackathon Continues

Sunday, May 7th
  1. Roll Call

  2. Skype Call to Teams in other regions

  3. Teams continue working on chosen challenge & prepare presentation

  4. Time to fuel up (Lunch time). Final Destination is near.

  5. Almost time for lift-off. Get ready to present your solution.

  6. Teams to present their projects to judges

  7. Judges to finalize results

  8. Announcements of winners & prize giving ceremony

  9. Word of thanks

  10. Estimated time of Hackathon to end


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.