Space Apps Larisa was held on April 29th & 30th. Thank you to the 53 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The local results, including the work of 8 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Larisa!

Local People's Choice Winner

The people have spoken! This is the project that captured our hearts.

The International Space Apps Challenge is a two-day hackathon where teams of technologists, scientists, designers, artists, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and students across the globe collaborate and engage with publicly available data to design innovative solutions for global challenges. During the event, participants will organize into projects focused on solving a specific challenge

Be part of the best collective intelligence experience, through our open innovation event.

This year Biomimicry Greece research and innovation center in collaboration with institute of  Entrepreneurship Development  will be host the space apps challenge in Larisa Greece, and invite you all to become creative and active to find solutions for global challenges.

Local web site Nasa Greece Design by Harris Tsivopoulos

Local Leader of Nasa space apps Greece

Kleopatra Alamantariotou


During our BOOTCAMP
Saturday 22 of April we have amazing presentations that can inspire people.

Τιμώμενο πρόσωπο και κεντρικός ομιλητής  χαιρετισμός

Guest of honour and keynote speaker via skype welcome remarks :

Stamatios (Tom) M. Krimigis (Σταμάτιος Κριμιζής) Greek-American scientist in space exploration.

Σταμάτιος Κριμιζής Ακαδημαϊκός-διαστημικός επιστήμονας Αστροφυσικός της ΝΑΣΑ

Event Information

Event place

(university of Thessaly School of Medicine, katsigra taxydromeiou Square)

Στο κεντρικό αμφιθέατρο 2os όροφος του κτιρίου Κατσίγρα του Τμήματος Ιατρικής επί της πλατείας Ταχυδρομείου



What to bring with you ?

·Id ( student id, card or any other official documents)

·Bring laptops

·Laptop adapter

·Power strip

·Outlet adapter

·Any other creative materials


Saturday, April 22

10:00a.m. Check-In Registration

10:30 a.m Welcome and introduction to the challenge

11:30 a.m. Mentors and Judges Presentations, other key presenters

13:00 a.m. Team Formation & Online Registration-Challenge Begins!

13:30 p.m. Lunch Break

Featuring: Google Hangout with NASA

1:30 p.m. Challenge Continues

17:00 p.m. Sponsor Recognition-Final Development Round

Sunday, April 23
10:00 a.m. Breakfast
10.00 a.m. Briefing & Update, work on progress with teams, last Touches
12:00 p.m. Submission Deadline
12:30 p.m. Lunch break
1:30 p.m. Final Presentations( Pitch the teams present projects in a pitch of 5 minutes with support of slides).
3:00 p.m. Judges Voting
3:30 p.m. Awards and Sponsor Recognition
5:00 p.m. Post-Event Social





The location leads have not yet provided a schedule for their Space Apps event. Please check back for updates.

SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.