Space Apps Perth was held on April 29th & 30th. Thank you to the 41 people who joined the International Space Apps Challenge at this location. The local results, including the work of 6 teams, can be found below!
Thanks Perth!

Local People's Choice Winner

The people have spoken! This is the project that captured our hearts.

Space Apps Perth is back for the second year running! This year's hack will feature NASA challenges under the theme "Earth". Come along to hack challenges from NASA and be part of a global community! Space Apps Perth is organised by Unearthed, CORE Innovation Hub, Cribber and Bloom.  Space Apps Perth is sponsored by Woodside, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and more!

Register for Space Apps Perth here:


Saturday, April 29th
  1. Event Begins

  2. Opening Speeches

  3. Lunch Break

  4. Quick Team Updates

  5. Head home, end of Day #1

Sunday, April 30th
  1. Event Resumes

  2. Teams to start finishing up presentations

  3. Dummy presentations + feedback

  4. Pitches start

  5. Presentations conclude

  6. Winners announced


SpaceApps is a NASA incubator innovation program.